Theta Alpha Sisterhood Retreat

Last weekend, my sorority had our Fall Sisterhood Retreat at Camp Kulaqua in High Springs, FL. It was such a beautiful, fun, and relaxing weekend, so I thought I’d share some of my trip photos with you.

Some people think of going to a camp as a place to rough it, dress like lumberjacks, and wear pajama pants and hiking boots. However, Camp Kulaqua was built to be a place to get away from it all and rest; it was the perfect setting to spend time with my sisters.

The main event of every retreat that Theta Alpha puts on–the part that everyone plans for weeks in advance–is Family Pictures. It sounds silly, I know, but I think the idea is to capture moments in our lives together as a sisterhood. These moments, frozen in time, will remind us of our memories and our fellowship. Plus, we get to primp and get pretty! Who says you can’t get all “glammed up” and look fabulous at camp?

My family, Star Family, decided decided to wear denim and white with scarves. This is a combo that I was hesitant about because they voted for us to wear denim button-downs (a personal favorite of mine) and white pants. This was a problem because I wanted to wear my chocolate brown riding boots…and I don’t like the way chocolate brown looks on white…But anyway! I got over the idea of not liking the idea and it turned out that the idea wasn’t so bad after all. I hope that made sense.

My girls and I decided to go with pink scarves. Here are our favorite family photos:

Star Family

Star Family


My sweet friend, Amanda

My Twin Littles

My Twin Littles

Family photos were so much fun! But the day didn’t end there. After dinner that night we all hopped onto a three-trailer hay ride–through fields and on dirt roads and all the way down to a wagon circle, where a bonfire awaited!

(Note: I grew up watching old Western films with my Granddaddy. In case you don’t know what a wagon circle is, please follow this link to a Google search.)

On a cold(ish) night in Florida, if a hayride to a bonfire and s’mores are in your future, make sure you have some flannel…and maybe a scarf. OK maybe you don’t have to wear flannel–but flannel is super warm and comfy and outdoors-man chic. HayrideIMG_0797 Bonfire

I am so thankful for the opportunities and memories made throughout this trip. Special thanks to Camp Kulaqua for making your campus to serene and idyllic (and not too dirty 😉 ).


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